Understanding our personalised vitamin service

Understanding our personalised vitamin service

As pharmacists our aim is to provide a safe, easy and affordable way to take your favourite vitamins. We want to help everyone with their vitamin journey and assist in your overall long-term health and well-being.

The traditional way of purchasing different amounts of vitamins in massive bottles, only leads to situations where you run out of one type. Then go days, if not weeks without. Once you have a few that run out, you make time to go shopping.

A concern of ours is that there is minimal time spent in regular shops with a qualified health professional who asks the right questions, not just someone who asks what brand you like, your favourite colour, or if you have seen the latest TV ad on a product they recommend to you.

We assess your vitamin choice against who you are, by asking if you take any medication, your medical history and any allergies you have, to keep you safe when you are part of our Pack & Pop family. This is provided with every single order placed. And we also check the absorption of each vitamin you choose to minimise any issues such as one vitamin interacting with another, which is why we offer morning and night packs where needed. This is our promise to you.

With our monthly subscription service, we provide you with 28-day packs that contain your vitamins in daily sachets. Our packs are supplied regularly each month so that you never run out and never have to worry.

And you can change the vitamins in each pack every month to suit your current health needs!

Something that you can’t do with a large quantity of vitamins from the shops without wasting tablets and money. You can also pause, order multiple boxes (going overseas for extended time) or cancel by contacting us and we can make it happen.

With Pack & Pop Packs it’s our little way to make a difference in people’s lives around Australia.

Thank you for allowing us to join with you in achieving your health goals.

Alex & Sylvia


Pack & Pop


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