Multivitamins – Fill In The Gaps!

We all know a balanced diet with a bit of everything goes a long way to getting all the vitamins and minerals you need to feel great. And hopefully head off any health problems. On any given day, if you fall short in one or more nutrients, you’ll fill that gap with a multivitamin.

Remember, it would be impossible to guess whether you’re missing a B vitamin, or C, or a mineral, for example, so the multivitamin covers your bases.

But when was the last time we had a ‘balanced diet’?

A good multivitamin is a supplement that contains an array of ingredients to fill in the gaps. And hopefully doesn’t resemble a Horse Tablet! 

But how do you know if the multivitamin you like to take is actually a high quality one?

Does it have high quality ingredients? It is using the most essential vitamins and minerals, not just filling the tablet up with fillers?

Here are some ingredients you should pay attention too, to see if your multivitamin is up to standard:

Vitamin A – Always choose a multi that contains betacarotene, the raw ingredient your body converts to vitamin A. Try and avoid getting the cheap retinol version (listed as a retinol acetate or palmitate) as the quality isn’t as good

Vitamin D – Find a multivitamin that contains a higher concentration of Cholecalciferol, which is necessary for calcium absorption 

So how do you get the maximum benefit?

Make your multi a daily habit. The greatest benefits come from consistent use. Always take your multivitamin with a meal, starting with breakfast. And remember to store your vitamins in a cool, dry place.

And if you take medications, check for possible interactions with your family pharmacist or GP


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